Cyber Security Training

Peter Hayes
November 16, 2023

Expand Your Horizons with Cyber Security

Global Won is partnering with Reyncon Educational Services & Training to provide a 10-week entry-level Cyber Security Training. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain new skills in a highly sought after career path.

Students can expect potential opportunities coupled with resume-writing and interviewing assistance, as well as, networking with potential employers in Central Ohio will provide the students with the necessary support to convert this training into gainful employment. The opportunities related to this program can be life-changing for someone to obtain a new sustainable career in the fastest growing field and a security related to higher compensation. The ultimate goal and value added by the training is becoming employed in the Cyber/Information Security field and, therefore, expanding the workforce of Ohio and throughout the United States.

Resources and Program Support:

The online training material license will provide additional self-administered training paths to obtain and practice specific skills focused on students specific backgrounds and interests. In addition the 1-year online training courses will be available as a resource for updating and refreshing students’ knowledge and skills.

Program support will include program development, resume support, mock interviews and networking for job search with our corporate partners in need for cyber security professionals. We will work closely with the students for continuous support in their learning and job search.


Strong knowledge of computer basics
Requires a PC or Laptop and internet access
CompTIA Network+ or equivalent networking experience
Familiarity with networking concepts (setting up wireless, home/business networks, troubleshooting, etc.)

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Peter Hayes
Peter Hayes is a modern renaissance man with over 40 years working in the Ministry, Politics, Business, Newspaper Publishing and Non-Profit Management. Peter has been featured in Print, Radio and TV interviews over 300 times during that span. He goes by the name "Better Days with Peter Hayes" Peter is chairman of Global Won and MLK Grant Manager with Compassion Games where over 100,000 volunteers come on and serve during the MLk Jr Day of Service and 40 Days of Peace Campaign.
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