Communitive Practice

Why a Communitive Movement?

(Part of Conscious collaborative movement)

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root “yuj”, which means “Join Together/Union.”

At a time that is hard for the Earth and its people, by joining together as One in the practice of Yoga, Reiki, Pilates, Meditation groups, and many more modalities Unify Healing Energy for all that is. By allowing a Heart Centered unified collaboration, there is no better way than through a Communitive Practice.

With this Heart Centered Movement Global Won will help the Earth by planting trees, Community Outreach, the clean-up of parks, vacant lots, working with schools and more Communitive ways. This collaboration will bring Love and Light through the dark of it all. With practices like these, the cause will affect the Universal Energies for the good.

The Unity of One, Coming Together to Heal the Earth.

A Conscious Communitive Movement

Powered by Global Won

The Idea:  50 States, thousands of tribe members, same time, same day conscious practice working as one to send loving healing energy to the universe. This is just a start to great things bring our communities together to do powerful things.

How it works:

  1. Each studio will work with their participants
  2. Global Won will market the events through social media and the community
  3. Global Won will come up with the intention and flyers for each month
  4. Post on the studios sites and social media (this will give everyone so much exposure)
  5. Each studio will put together a practice with the Tribe Members
  6. Before each practice we will ask everyone to check-in on social for each studio mentioning Global Won (we will teach you to do this) at the end of each practice the studio will ask to leave a review a video review on who the practice was (we know not everyone will do it and that’s OK) and send it to Global Won
  7. One will be held each month
  8. We will work on going global
  9. Studios will get a refer fee for getting other studios to join the movement
  10. With set up and vlog reviews and a 1-hour practice designed by each studio


  • After we get the movement off the ground Global Won will gift each participant a T-shirts
  • A vision board for mother earth after each practice


  • $30 for a 1-time practice
  • $300 for all 12 months

Giving Back

  • We will have a giveaway at each location
  • Global won will plant tree, work with educators, and help with community outreach
  • Cleaning up parks, vacant lots, and more
  • Volunteers always need

Event Dates

January 15,2022 at 8:00 EST

9:00 CST

10:00 PST

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With much Gratitude

David Flamm

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