ACE Academy

Learning Technology At Your Own Pace

Global Won Nonprofit is proud to announce it’s own Technology Program called the ACE Academy. Global Won Collaborative is dedicated to making it simple to do good in the World. 

Welcome to the Technology age. Our children are the future. As Technology expands every day the ACE Academy is dedicated to assist the children and elders that might not have the opportunity to learn with the barriers and judgement in todays society. The ACE Academy does not judge we ALLOW!!! We allow the individual to grow and learn at their own pace. Together virtually and in person ACE Mentors will work with all ages and demographics to empower each other. 

The youth will pay it forward by teaching the elders things like how to use their cell phone, Apps, social media, and more. The Elders with their experience and knowledge of life, computers, coding, and everyday life skills to solve problems. Bringing these concepts to our youth will empower them with confidence and leadership. 

ACE Academy has created an Autonomous Collaborative Engine on a decentralize platform that provides the truth in data through a program that is setup person to person not through a server. The Academy will provide training to all levels of experience. Most programs are set up in the Java Script language (widely used in the technology industries) which is the focus of the ACE program training. ACE programs will provide high level training and certificates in our advanced trainings. The programs are designed to allow the individuals to shine in the areas that they are must comfortable with. In collaboration with the Americas Technology Corporations can lead to job placement. ACE’s Leadership program will teach individuals how to start a business by empower them to lead their pursuit to Entrepreneurial Freedom. 

Ace programs will start with a trial run of the different types of computing and applications. The first step is to learn you. Our no pressure approach will always encourage the individuals to find their comfort zone. It’s only work if it’s something you don’t enjoy. Ace can be setup in all kinds of settings such as Churches, Community Centers, Libraries, Schools, and local Businesses. The possibilities are endless.